I worked with Bob Gaffney's office to apply for EB-5 visa. Bob's team is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Through their guidance, responsiveness, and attention to detail, they made the process very easy. Bob's team takes the time to thoroughly explain every step of the way and prepare clients for any possible complications. Customer service is outstanding. I definitely recommend working with them on EB-5 applications.
- L. Salameh

Mr Gaffney assisted me when I was trying to start a company while on a L1 visa sponsored by my previous employer. When I came to Gaffney, I felt like my case is very complicated and was very nervous that making this change would cost me my green card. However, I felt like staying on my previous job would also have great opportunity cost as well. Mr Gaffney was the savior here - he carefully analyzed the situation of mine and has designed a game plan that was both prudent but also allows me to make a jump. He also worked very closely with me to get all the relevant materials ready. When my green card interview was scheduled on a short notice, he worked around the clock to create the entire application package and attended interview with me. In the end, I was able to achieve both of my goals - make an important career change but also secure my green card. Mr Gaffney was essential in guiding me through the process.
- B. Zhai

I have used Bob Gaffney’s immigration services for a few years now. Bob’s office has filed an EB-5 petition for us and it has been progressing successfully through the labyrinths of USCIS. My wife had a visa complication and Bob, Kristina and team went out of the way to ensure it is handled accurately in the filings. Their research on the complication, proposed strategy was spot on, reflective of their expertise in immigration law. Their up to date knowledge in any aspect of immigration law is unparalleled, in my experience. And I can say this with enough experience dealing with various immigration law firm- large and small- over years. If you need a holistic solution to your immigration needs, look no further.
- A. Prakash