The immigrant spouses of work visa holders

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Temporary Work Visa

Complying with governmental requirements will not guarantee you will be able to obtain a green card or a work visa. There are special rules that accompany such visas. And there may only be a specific number of visas available.

The rules concerning visas will impact the entire family. For example, a recent NBC news story highlights the difficulties that families face. While an individual employed on an H-1B visa may be eligible to work, the spouse may not have the same opportunity.

Changes in the law could lead to obstacles

In 2015, the Obama administration allowed for spousal visas in the event their spouse was working towards becoming a lawful permanent resident. And such visas were ordinarily renewable.

However, such assurances no longer exist. The Trump administration is looking into rescinding the ruling of the prior administration. A proposal from the Department of Homeland Security would remove this employment authorization for the spouses of these H-1B visas. This means that at some point they may no longer be able to find employment in the U.S.

The need for knowledgeable representation

Unfortunately, there are already thousands of immigrants still waiting for acceptance of their green card applications. To be unable to work during this waiting period could deprive such individuals of the ability to support their family. And such individuals may not know where to turn for assistance.

In such a climate, it is important that applicants seek experienced legal counsel when dealing with complex immigration matters. There are already many requirements, and getting the details correct only increases an individual’s chance for having their application granted. An experienced immigration attorney can prevent unintentional mistakes from occurring that could lead to a denial.