It has been a great pleasure to work with the attorneys at Law Offices of Robert P. Gaffney over the past three years! We are very impressed with their professional knowledge, responsible attitude, and efficiency. They remain one of the best attorneys we have ever worked with!
– Z. Helen

I had great experiences working with Mr. Gaffney and his team. Mr. Gaffney helped me get my green card through work years ago. He recently helped my parents get their green cards so that my family can be reunited. Now he’s helping a worker at my company get an H1B. His team is extremely diligent, thoughtful and resourceful. They are patient and always available to answer our questions. The paralegal Sunny is just a super star. I highly recommend them!
– S. Li

If you are looking for an immigration attorney, look no further. Robert and his phenomenal team worked with us seamlessly to ensure an H-1B visa was filed and approved on a tight timeline. Their professionalism, communication, and execution was first class.
I will continue to work with them on all immigration issues and would recommend them to anyone looking for H-1B immigration help.
-A. Rangel

My boss hired an attorney here to help me apply for H1B this year. Vera, the paralegal, were very knowledgeable about the procedure and very responsive during the process. They gave me a detailed list of the documents needed and reviewed them through carefully. My boss paid for premium option, so the results came out in about 2 week after they helped me submitted all the materials. Luckily, my application got approved with no additional information needed. They also provided additional information to remind me extending I-20 while waiting for the approval letter and other things I need to be aware of. The whole process was so simple and easy for me. I definitely recommend this firm if you need to apply for H1B visa!

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with an attorney at the Law Offices of Robert P Gaffney. Throughout the immigration process, they was incredibly attentive and responsive, guiding us in the process, responding to questions, and always making herself available when we needed advice. She was patient and thorough, explaining the process and checking up on our case status frequently. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Robert P Gaffney more broadly for anyone seeking support with immigration.
– E. Fraser

Bob and his team were very professional and stayed alongside us throughout the EB5 process. They were very responsive and were quick to answer any questions and concerns. We are very grateful for all the support. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks once again.
-K. Gee

We used Robert Gaffney’s offices for our successful EB5 visa processing.
The entire team was very professional, right from our initial consultation with Mr. Gaffney to the smallest details of collecting our paperwork. The team was meticulous, detail oriented and very quick in their responses. Mr. Gaffney clearly understands the EB5 process and the various nuances to it, and he guided our case many times via the convoluted process. As an anedcote, our case got stuck between departments and Mr. Gaffney got on the case right away and ensured we received an expedite on our case given the time lost in case handling.
Due to all of the diligence and attention to our case, we were able to get our EB5 case approved much faster than anticipated! Thanks Bob and team. Definitely would recommend their legal offices to handle your immigration case.
– Shruthi B

I worked with Bob Gaffney’s office to apply for EB-5 visa. Bob’s team is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Through their guidance, responsiveness, and attention to detail, they made the process very easy. Bob’s team takes the time to thoroughly explain every step of the way and prepare clients for any possible complications. Customer service is outstanding. I definitely recommend working with them on EB-5 applications.
– L. Salameh

Mr Gaffney assisted me when I was trying to start a company while on a L1 visa sponsored by my previous employer. When I came to Gaffney, I felt like my case is very complicated and was very nervous that making this change would cost me my green card. However, I felt like staying on my previous job would also have great opportunity cost as well. Mr Gaffney was the savior here – he carefully analyzed the situation of mine and has designed a game plan that was both prudent but also allows me to make a jump. He also worked very closely with me to get all the relevant materials ready. When my green card interview was scheduled on a short notice, he worked around the clock to create the entire application package and attended interview with me. In the end, I was able to achieve both of my goals – make an important career change but also secure my green card. Mr Gaffney was essential in guiding me through the process.
– B. Zhai

I have used Bob Gaffney’s immigration services for a few years now. Bob’s office has filed an EB-5 petition for us and it has been progressing successfully through the labyrinths of USCIS. My wife had a visa complication and Bob, Kristina and team went out of the way to ensure it is handled accurately in the filings. Their research on the complication, proposed strategy was spot on, reflective of their expertise in immigration law. Their up to date knowledge in any aspect of immigration law is unparalleled, in my experience. And I can say this with enough experience dealing with various immigration law firm- large and small- over years. If you need a holistic solution to your immigration needs, look no further.
– A. Prakash