The L-1 visa: a specialized employment-linked non-immigrant visa

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Employment Immigration

We noted in a recent Law Offices of Robert P. Gaffney blog post that immigration is a top-tier entrant on any short list of complex and technical legal spheres.

We underscored therein that immigration law is a realm “marked by highly specialized matters relevant to lawful entry into the United States linked with employment, investment, family sponsorship, asylum/refugee status and additional factors.”

Today’s blog entry spotlights one specialized U.S. visa relevant to employment. We provide essential information below regarding the L-1 visa.

A visa option relevant for talented intracompany transferees

Perhaps you are a ranking business principal or hiring manager of a multi-national enterprise focused on bringing select individuals with executive managerial acumen or specialized knowledge to one of your U.S.-based entities. Your company may be the existing or newly established parent, affiliate or subsidiary of a business entity based outside of the U.S.

If so, top company talent might be eligible to secure the above-cited L-1 visa. That classification encompasses two distinct categories, namely, candidates who are senior-level employees and those who command specialized knowledge, respectively. We focus today on the former.

The L-1A visa: applicable to managerial/executive transferees

Global companies of many types logically seek to place senior workers in their U.S. locations, and the L-1A visa allows qualified employees to live and work in the country. A candidate must meet the following requirements to secure the visa:

  • Show a full-time work history of one continuous year with the company outside the United States in a managerial or executive positionwithin three years prior to visa petition; and
  • Establish that work in the U.S. will be performed for the qualifying employer at a managerial or executive level

The L-1A visa can be an attractive option for foreign employees seeking to have senior-level acumen on hand in the United States. A proven U.S. immigration law office can provide knowledgeable guidance concerning eligibility and the visa process, helping valued and diverse clients fully secure their business needs.

We will take a look at L-1B (specialized knowledge) visas in an upcoming post.