The cost of certain immigration fees to increase in 2024

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Immigration Law

Immigration is a very complex process. People born in other countries typically have to submit special paperwork to obtain visas, green cards or citizenship. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receives thousands of applications for different immigration programs annually.

The organization does charge fees to help offset the administrative costs of paperwork processing and interviews. People hoping to obtain visas, adjust their status or naturalize may need to save a bit more because many fees for different immigration programs are about to increase in April 2024.

Many programs may see fee increases. The fees collected by the USCIS help offset the cost of administering different immigration programs. As wages and other administrative costs increase, the organization must update what it charges for certain services. The costs for different visa programs have increased by hundreds of dollars. Some of the biggest increases are just short of a thousand dollars.

Which of the fees paid to the USCIS increased?

As of April 2024, immigrants face new fees and increased costs for some of the more popular visa programs. There will be fees for employers sponsoring asylum-eligible workers for employment-based visas. Small employers may pay $300, while bigger companies may pay $600.

Those bringing spouses or fiancés to the country have to pay $675 for K-1 and CR-1 visas, which is a $140 increase. Adjustment of status, which makes someone a permanent resident, now costs at least $215 more, but there could be additional costs if someone also wants a work or travel permit.

Many other popular visa programs are subject to large increases, including the L, H and O classifications. The biggest single fee increase is the cost of the L-1 petition, which increased by $925.

Overall, these increases should not prevent anyone from pursuing immigration opportunities. They simply alter the budgetary implications of different immigration efforts. Remaining aware of changes to USCIS policies, including fee increases, can help immigrants ensure they fulfill all the necessary requirements to obtain a visa or green card.

Immigrants who receive the right support are more likely to succeed after submitting paperwork instead of making mistakes and potentially meeting to pay certain fees more than once. Partnering with an immigration lawyer can help streamline the process of applying for a visa, pursuing naturalization or adjusting one status to become a permanent resident. Those who know about upcoming changes in immigration policy can sometimes avoid fee increases and other inconveniences that can unnecessarily burden them.